Work Smarter, Not Harder

Don’t aim to work harder instead, make a few small changes to achieve more by doing less and working smarter. Here is how :-


Choose your priorities and focus on them first, “what is most important today”? and make sure it happens.

Realistic Commitment

Commitment is good but we can become overcommit, losing priorities among low impact obligations. Under committing is not realistic and often causes tension in the work place along and ending each day unsatisfied. Realistically commit to what matters and deliver on it


At the end of each week, stretch out the top priorities for each day the following week. That way you can match your commitments to your time.

Do not Multi Task

Multitasking is energy draining, stress building and inefficient. It makes you feel productive when you’re not, and is good only for low value trivia. Take one priority at a time and give it concentrated focus.


Talk to people. Don’t just email them, message them, post them on Facebook or LinkedIn or send text. Actually talk to people. It’s a quicker and better way to transact business and build relationships. Phone calls save time and reduce email clutter.


I could say learn. But reading is still the gold standard. Choose what you read carefully. Aim to find one useful, practical, insightful or interesting piece of new information every day. Then put it to good use and even share it


Take breaks. What happens if you forget to recharge your phone? A lot of angst and disruption. If you don’t recharge your own batteries, you’ll become as reliable as a phone on 5% charge. So, take breaks, eat wisely, rest and exercise.


Make your work space and your home space a pleasure to occupy. Work space needs to make you feel efficient and energised. So invest in it – both time and money. Likewise your home space need to help you relax and enjoy life.


Remove distractions. Turn off notifications on your computer desktop, your tablet, and your phone. Remove things from your workspace that stop you focusing on prioritise. Put them somewhere you can find them, when you choose to take a break.

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