Roy Shelton, Managing Partner here at DropJaw Ventures shares some top tips to kick off your team development and focus for 2023

1. Start the year on the front foot by planning team meetings, and diarise one on one with your members of staff. Take time to set out what your hopes and ambitions are for the year and give your team the opportunity to contribute to how they can help achieve the company’s goals. You could do this through an email to staff setting out how you plan to attack the year.

2. Be open-minded to new ways of working across the business. Many employees might be worried about the issues related to strikes and transport chaos. Reassure staff that you welcome home-working if that is going to make it easier for them to get through the tasks required. Also, promote car-sharing if applicable to your business.

3. Rethink the way you set your objectives. January is notorious for being a month when staff can return to their desks hungover and lethargic. Aim to get straight back into an operating rhythm with weekly targets rather than monthly objectives.

4. Consider a team-building event with a difference. Everyone is looking to get fit and healthy in January so maybe an activity outdoors where your team can come together have some fun and discuss the ambitions they have for the year ahead.

5. Finally if you have benefits like a reduced gym membership, share incentive schemes or financial support packages take time to remind your staff of the help that is available. The cost of living crisis is likely to impact us all throughout 2023. An employee who knows it is on the radar of their boss will likely feel a little more confident as to how they might navigate the challenges which lie ahead.

Don’t leave the rally call until the end of the month (or even later) start the way you mean to go forward “on the front foot.”

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