The Urban Tech Group

Digital transformation through software, integration and innovation.

The Issue

Lou Crane (Urban Tech Group CEO) had a tech business that had started to suffer from the effects of Brexit and latterly, the pandemic. Her clients understandably became nervous about investing at a time when the future seemed so uncertain and Lou needed to think about how to shift the ambitions of the company to ride the storm and be ready to relaunch the business when the time was right.

Roy and DropJaw became a way to achieve this. Their experience in supporting businesses at crossroads made Lou realise that it was their help she needed as the events of the last few years were unique and required some bold solutions.

The Solution

Urban Tech Group and DropJaw decided to kick off their relationship with an acquisition and a new partnership with Dave Lee, a very skilled CTO who Lou had worked with previously. Both Lou and Dave were focused on high standards of delivery and customer care but by combining expertise in delivering digital transformation, process and data management, and driving increased efficiencies by leveraging technology and software, they have built a compelling line of services for SMEs to take advantage of.

DropJaw supports Urban through board meetings, devising business strategies, sharing their fountain of business knowledge, and supporting on big strategic decisions. Now, Roy and Lou have regular meetings and a very trusting relationship.

The Result

As a result of working with DropJaw, Lou now has the confidence to make critical decisions, increased knowledge of business administration, and a supportive framework to follow.

Urban will continue to develop their partnerships with Roy’s help and make important connections from DropJaw’s network.

Lou Crane said “Partnering with Roy/Dropjaw has given us the support we needed from a skilled team of specialists. I think it would have taken me longer to reach this point if I hadn’t met Roy. Shaping the business has been easier knowing they will guide us and that has enabled me to take risks I may not have previously done.”

Roy Shelton said “Lou and David make a great team- they are committed to success and have a clear vision for what they want to achieve with Urban. As the company continues to scale, they are creating new jobs in the rural tech economy and adding value to their clients. I have no doubt they will continue to deliver on their aspirations.”

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