Tan Rosie

Tan Rosie are producers of tantalising Caribbean food inspired by family recipes alongside hosting online Caribbean cookery masterclass courses.

The Issue

Lee Sylvester, joint founder of Tan Rosie Foods Ltd first met the DropJaw team after Roy Shelton, was assigned to her as a mentor on the Aston Business School – Small Business Growth program.

Lee was looking for someone to help her organisation in a positive way to grow the business and to strategically plan her cookery school launch vision.

The Solution

Roy and the DropJaw team have supported Lee and her team with bringing her dreams to fruition.

Lee and her mother Monica had always dreamt of owning their own Caribbean cookery school following on from the success of the Tan Rosie products and cookbooks.

The DropJaw team also wanted to distil some confidence into Lee about the massive potential of her business.

Roy and the team have worked closely with Lee and Monica since 2018 and their dream of launching a cookery school is at their fingertips!

The Results

The DropJaw team has helped Lee and Monica to fine tune their new Caribbean cookery school development plan, introduced them to a network of other complimentary businesses, gave them advice & support and helped them with – strategic planning and secured the funding which was needed for the business

Lee Sylvester, explains: “Without the advice and support from DropJaw I would not have had as much confidence or been able to put such a strong strategic plan in place for my business going forward. 

Roy has been fun to work with, very informal and has given me great ideas and encouragement to think differently about my business – to help grow and develop Tan Rosie.

The Tan Rosie Caribbean Cookery School in Birmingham opened its doors in September 2018!

Roy Shelton said: “It’s been a delight working with Lee and the Tan Rosie team. They have such a fantastic range of products including the Jerk Chicken rub and my favourite – a hot sauce (which you need to try if you haven’t) and with the addition of the new cookery school – the world is Tan Rosie’s oyster!”

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