Spartan Survival

Spartan survival is an authentic bushcraft and survival training provider based on military techniques. Founded by Ian Huntington, Ex-Soldier, Private Military Contractor and Bodyguard.

Spartan Survival offers real time experiences to families, schools and businesses. Showcasing and teaching military based techniques and knowledge designed to inspire confidence and challenge people in an outdoor back-to-basics setting. All instructors are ex-elite level military.

The Issue

Spartan Survival were looking to take the brand to a position of immediate recognition within the outdoor, bushcraft and survival activity sector, with the aim of becoming the first choice provider for outdoor courses and experiences in the UK. They wanted to deliver the best course knowledge and content for the best prices to customers who were looking for new and exciting activities to do together.

Before connecting with DropJaw Ventures, Spartan Survival struggled with marketing, networking, business development and brand awareness. Cash flow restraints were a big factor in this and therefore the team needed investment to drive the business forward.

The Solution

After a chance meeting in an airport hotel (before COVID!) where an everyday conversation took place, Roy and Ian exchanged business cards and went their separate ways. After the first lockdown lifted, Roy’s Son wanted to attend a survival course with the markets number one provider but it was so expensive and the website was so difficult to navigate Roy called Ian. Roy and his Son attended a Spartan Survival course and both thought it was brilliant.

After the course, Roy and Ian reconnected to discuss the wider business plan, aims and objectives and agreed DropJaw would invest in Spartan to take the business forward.

Roy and the DropJaw Ventures team also provide business direction, speaking on the phone daily, where needed and have financially committed through investment.

The Results

Since re-launching Spartan Survival, the team have been able to create the foundations of a strong brand footprint by developing and leveraging our social media pages.

Spartan Survival have conducted multiple courses, delivering unique course content to a range of different people across their local site in Cholmondeley and secondary base in Scotland, which has received resoundingly positive feedback. Spartan Survival are going from strength to strength and doors are opening that wouldn’t have been available to without DropJaw Ventures.

Ian Huntington says on the partnership: “Not only does Roy provide incredible support and strategy for the business, but it’s evident by his everyday involvement he is personally invested in seeing it succeed. He understands and appreciates the vision for Spartan Survival and what we are trying to achieve as a business. His passion and commitment to Spartan Survival gives me a great deal of trust and encouragement for our future.”

Roy Shelton says: “Supporting Spartan Survival was a real step outside of our normal tech and professional services focus and one which is testimony to our ability to work with some of the most interesting scale-up companies around. Ian and the team are a delight to work with, very professional and thorough. As businesses, schools and families start pushing toward normality, bushcraft skills and courses are a great way to rebuild mental health and well being, along with team building for corporates and rebonding families. We are very excited about the future for Spartan and our continued involvement.”

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