Qbunk provides hospitality venues with innovative and efficient ways of order management and improving the customer experience.

The Issue

Having received funding in 2017, Qbunk suddenly transitioned from a start-up to a structured company overnight. Founder and Director, Paul Wilson, found himself thrust into the role of CEO which he believed looked great on a business card or LinkedIn profile, but in reality, for him, was quite daunting.

Qbunk as a business was also in need of guidance on how to become a commercially viable company. With a vision to disrupt the hospitality sector and lead the conversation around how improving the service process can improve operations, customer experience and increase revenue without compromising quality.

For Qbunk, the biggest obstacle was sales, with no previous sales experience there was never a structure to present the product, identify decision-makers, or create a pipeline.
Since, Qbunk has been through sales and psychology training with Roy Shelton, the Managing Partner of Dropjaw, on how to not only book meetings but also close the deal.

The Solution

Roy supports Paul and the Qbunk team by ensuring they stay focussed and on track. As a young company, it is quite easy to be pulled in many directions simultaneously & make mistakes often without even knowing about it.

Initially, Paul sat down with Roy and formed a 1000-day plan which outlined everything Paul had to achieve for Qbunk to reach the next big milestone and when each deliverable had to be completed.

Now, Paul has a weekly meeting with Roy to track the company’s progress and consult about any ad hoc decisions that may have arisen.

The Result

Qbunk touches base with Roy weekly to ‘assess, plan, review & do!’. Additionally, Roy has been able to facilitate corporate partnerships with DropJaw portfolio businesses like Connectus, Then Urban Tech Group, and Made of Möre to further strengthen Qbunk’s services, software, and marketing respectively. The immediate plan for Qbunk is to continue to scale and build on its recent success and grow the company to become a market leader and help hospitality venues of all sizes to increase revenues, improve sustainability and deliver a better customer experience through process-driven efficiencies.

With the mentoring from Roy and continued support from the companies within the DropJaw portfolio, there is every opportunity for Qbunk to become profitable by Q1 2023 and achieve its growth plans.

Paul Wilson said “When I met Roy, he left me in awe with his business acumen and level of integrity. He made a lasting impression, so I made it my personal mission to work with him in some capacity. Around 6 months later, I raised VC funding for Qbunk; I gave Roy a call & asked if he would be my business mentor. The rest is history.”

Roy Shelton said of the partnership “Having the courage to create your own start-up company is not for the faint hearted and it can often be a lonely and terrifying journey. With the right planning, guidance and advice the journey can be much more relaxed, focussed and productive. Paul and the Qbunk team are a pleasure to work with, they are committed, hardworking, technology visionaries who are also great fun to work with. I am really proud of what the team are achieving in terms of disrupting the table-top ordering marketing and thrilled to be part of their exciting journey.“

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