GLUU helps teachers find more time so that pupils can thrive. Their community includes clinicians and therapists as well as teachers and curriculum leaders to support the ‘whole child.'

The Issue

Despite having a fantastic offer, onboarded clients and a healthy network, GLUU was under-capitalised and needed to raise a £150k seed round in order to achieve the next phase of growth. The team faced obstacles when trying to secure investment – the banks were uninterested in supporting and due to the stage of the business, GLUU was too young to attract investors.

The Solution

Following an introduction from NPIF, GLUU joined forces with DropJaw to help them overcome their issues and break into the investment landscape. Roy’s vast network meant that GLUU could access high network individuals and secure co-investment from DropJaw’s founders and known investors.

The Result

With the help of DropJaw, GLUU was able to raise over £1.5m of trade and VC investment which in turn proved the success of the business model.

GLUU and DropJaw continue their close working relationship and Roy is always on hand to advise when needed.

DropJaw also introduced the GLUU team to Connectus who now are the trusted technical partner of GLUU enabling their technology to be robust, scalable and secure.

The future is bright for GLUU as they prepare for their Series A round with the support of DropJaw.

Sean Gardner said “the team at DropJaw totally get start-ups and are valued business partners, bringing a vast network of contacts and funders to help leverage the growth opportunities in GLUU. They also co-invest where appropriate and so give confidence to others – in short, they stand shoulder-to-shoulder.

They are the ‘ask the audience, 50:50 and ask a friend’ options all rolled into one. We all want to be millionaires, and with these guys by your side we might just get there!”

Roy Shelton said “I am so proud of the GLUU team, they are tenacious, creative and visionaries within their space. Being able to invest in to a business which is changing lives and the way in which we educate our children is both humbling and exciting.”

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